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Springs, Stampings & Rings

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Guidewires, Springs, Stampings & Rings
Precision Wire Components - Wire Guard Products 
Stainless Steel Fabrications - Motor & Fan Guards 
Sports Face Masks

Your one source solutions provider...  

experienced engineers, R&D specialists and toolmakers

will work with you for all your custom project needs.

Acme Monaco has extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of metal formed products such as springs, precision retainer rings, wire forms and assemblies, fourslide,

and progressive die stampings.


While springs are often the least expensive part of your assembly, failure can bring costly machine downtime and product rejects.

Need a unique part or assembly to increase your product’s capability and value?

Our R&D and engineering teams will work with you to design the most creative solutions. Acme Monaco utilizes the latest 3D CAD Equipment which enables us to give our customers solutions that are applicable to their desired outcome. Employing a broad range of time-proven, reliable, and state of the art metal forming equipment allows Acme Monaco to produce only the highest quality parts.

Our Acme Monaco team will provide you with support from start to finish. Every department involved eagerly seeks to assure that you are satisfied with your final product. Whether you are looking for Medical Guidewires, Orthodontic Archwires, or Springs Acme Monaco can assist you in identifying the parts that best suit your needs. Many of the items you may wish to order are already in stock. 


To assure higher quality and longer reliability, we offer a comprehensive Spring Design & Analysis System Program which evaluates physical and mechanical requirements, manufacturing feasibility and in-use predictability.

We appreciate our loyal customers and do our best to provide the highest level of service.  

Acme Monaco is committed to the manufacturing of quality products that are delivered on time and at a reasonable price.

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New Britain, CT

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