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Mercury Corp
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Tour Mercury Corp Metal Fabrications
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Reshoring Metal Fabrications
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Shot Peening and Surface Enhancement
Shot Peening - Vapor Blasting - Abrasive Grit Blasting - Plastic Bead - Media - Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection - Ultrasonic - Magnetic Particle - Eddy Current Inspection

A cost effective, quick turn way to stress relieve

your parts to increase the fatigue life

of a part by 2,000% or more... 


At Peening Technologies we offer shot peening and other surface enhancement job services

to industries like aerospace, automotive, power, medical, and oil & gas industries.


Founded in 1966, we have grown from a single location vapor blasting job shop to a sophisticated pair of companies dedicated to providing a full range of shot peening services with locations in CT and GA.

We build state of the art, affordable, computer controlled shot peening equipment.

Our machines are designed to be cost-effective, streamlined and easy to use. We also offer complete process development services, which includes tooling design and development,  machine programming, process qualification (Almen Strip testing, and process sheet documentation. 

There are many applications for shot peening and our customers make things

like springs, landing gears or even the pins that surgeons use for broken bones.

Shot peening is a method of cold working a part surface under a spray or blast of round shot to increase a part’s fatigue life. Fatigue failures usually begin on the surface of a part. Shot peening makes tiny dents or curves in the surface of the metal. This creates a layer of compressive stress, which delays the creation and growth of fatigue cracks. In some instances, peening can increase the fatigue life of a part 2,000% or more. 


If you need shot peening or any other type of metal stress relieving services,

please give us a call.

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Rich Brooks, Sales
3117 Emery Circle  Austell, GA 30168
(770) 941-9573

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