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Wire Forms

Wire Forming Supplier - Custom Wire Forms | Crawford Manufacturing | Baltic, OH
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Custom Wireforms

Specializing in high volume wire forms. 

Wire Diameters: .010″ to .100″


Get a custom wire forms for your application.


Crawford Manufacturing Co. began as a spring manufacturer and we have improved and perfected our capabilities with coilers, a CNC Spring Forming Machine, and hand forming.

At Crawford, we strive to provide quality spring products to meet your various needs. 


We specialize in high volume wire forms made on slide forming machines.

This allows us to provide consistent quality parts of various volumes. Whatever your

specialized requirement may be, we can handle it with an eye for ingenuity and durability.


We use a CAD based design suite to start our projects with exacting accuracy.

Our effective tooling equipment includes Wire EDM and EDM Hole drilling, which allows

for in-house completion and full quality control of the final product.


Our high quality wire form, metal stamping, assembly and packaging capabilities allow us to

serve a diverse marketplace.


We make thousands of wire forms, with products as diverse as burial vault handles, residential yard stakes, dishwasher baskets, pressure gauges and much more. We use carbon steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and other metals.