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Sheet Metal

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Sheet Metal Solutions
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Metal Fabrication - Machining - Welding - Finishing - Assembly/Integration - Turret Presses and Lasers - Forming -
Hardware Insertion - Polishing, Graining and Deburring - 
Lights-Out Punching
Precision Metal Solutions

Going far beyond traditional metal fabrication...

we are the precision metal problem solvers.

EVS Metal is a precision sheet metal fabricator and industry leader specializing in steel and aluminum fabrication with locations across the U.S.


With a combined 250,000 square feet of sheet metal fabrication space in New Jersey, Texas (including Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston), Pennsylvania and New Hampshire we can handle any crunch delivery.

Our quality metal manufacturing capabilities expand far beyond traditional metal fabrication practices in order to provide customers with a distinct competitive advantage — the option to utilize EVS’ comprehensive range of i