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High Speed Progressive Die Stamping
Intricate Metal Stampings - Flat Springs - Terminals - Wire Forming - Progressive Eyelets - Assemblies - Tool & Die - Custom Components - High Volume

Our press can do 1,000 strokes per minute... 

high speed and high volume is our speciality. 

For over half a century Marion Manufacturing Company has been a leader in progressive die stamping components. Marion also has vast 4-sided stamping and wire form capabilities, as well as assemblies and progressive eyelets. We design and build all tooling in-house and we  serve customers in industries like medical, consumer products, automotive, aerospace and electronics.


We work continually to keep tooling and manufacturing processes at the top of the technology curve in order to improve efficiency and reduce costsUsing the latest 3D design software,

our engineering department develops tooling that is easy and efficient to maintain at peak performance. This results in tooling completely built and maintained on site for

optimum precision, continued readiness and less down time.

Our tool room capabilities include multiple Wire EDM machines, milling, turning and grinding equipment as well as heat-treating on site eliminating the need for outside services. This means moving jobs seamlessly from prototypes or developmental parts through modifications, and on to precision, progressive tooling for production all under one roof.

Make Marion your partner and take advantage of our manufacturing expertise.

Our engineering team can recommend even slight modifications in part detail or configuration

that can transform your product from an expensive, difficult-to-produce part to a more efficient and cost-saving alternative.

We’re proud of our Quality Assurance Program and we’re most satisfied when we exceed our customer’s requirements. Our quality methods are designed to do just that. We use statistical process control methods and a goal of zero defects to insure our work. Continuous improvement also contributes to our highest quality standards, which include process conformity, repeatability, efficient use of resources, minimal waste, and competitive pricing.

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Douglas Johnson, President
1675 Reinhard Road, Cheshire CT, 06410

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