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Springs, Stampings and Wireforms
Springs - Stampings - Wireforms - Multi-slide
Fourslide - Slide Forming Machines - Lean manufacturing
Specializing in low volume

We are a one stop shop. 

We're going to increase your quality by lowering your costs.  

We are experts in low volume hard to source parts, 

and focused on lean manufacturing.

Mid-West Spring and Stampings (MWS) is a premier spring manufacturer for every customer’s spring, stamping and wire form needs, nationwide. 


To provide our customers with the highest level of value and customer service, we have multiple plants to accommodate specific needs. Dedicated engineers at all of our plants, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, maximize the efficiency and quality inherent in all of our custom manufacturing services.


As one of the three founding families of the spring industry in the United States,

Mid-West Spring has the experience and huge capability to make just about any spring imaginable. Our products include, but are not limited to, springs, stampings, wire forms, rings, vertislide, and fourslide.


We build exclusively to your print design or specifications.

We have a broad product mix that serves an equally broad customer base.


We are known for cost-effective small- and medium-sized runs.

We are NOT a catalog house and provide no off-the-shelf products. We produce parts from various materials in sizes from .007 to .750. This may change from spring or stamping type

but gives you a general idea of our versatility.


We believe in lean manufacturing and that our future hinges on continuous improvement and

the elimination of waste. Every day in everything that we do, we ask “How can we improve this?”


If you need design assistance, our expert team can help.

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Mid-West Spring
Romeoville, IL 

If you still don't see what you need, you have a question or need help with a process...

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