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Tools, Dies & Stamping
High Speed - Blanking - Progressive Dies - Powder Metal - Solidworks - Mastercam - Surfcam - Tube Forming - Gages & Fixtures

Carbide material...Close tolerances...Detail-oriented work

We are a full service shop that provides quality tools,

superior experience and engineering. 

From small high speed dies to the larger blanking dies to production capabilities,

Overton Industries is a partner that you can rely on.

For the jobs with increased wear or usage, we have been the go-to expert in

carbide tooling since its inception. Whether it be a carbide wear part or details for stamping dies, we have the experience that it takes to make it work. With customers in the Fortune 500 to smaller tier shops, we have the products and solutions that make us a beneficial team member in any manufacturing environment.

When in need of compaction tooling, look no further than our Tool & Die Division.

Utilizing our history in the use of powdered metal tooling, we have been custom designing and manufacturing compaction tooling for decades. In addition to tooling, Overton has developed its own compaction die that has served to create high quality pressings for many industries.


Some of our compaction dies are for:

  1. General Use Powder Compaction

  2. Magnet Powder Compaction

  3. Thermal Battery Powder

With a typical punch to die clearance as low as .0002”, it is crucial to hold tight tolerances so that the fine powder grains do not escape through cracks in the tooling. If you are looking for the highest quality, most durable compacting dies in the market, you have come to the right place.

Contact Overton Industries – Tool & Die Division today to get started on your project.

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Overton Die Builders
Franklin, IN

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