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Metal Spinning

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Precision Metal Spinning
Metal Spinning - Machining - Fabrication - Heat Treating - Edge Treatment - Welding - Punching & Hydraulic - Press Work - Plating - Anodizing - Dip Brazing - Wire EDM - Laser Cutting - Hydroforming

Save over 50% using metal spinning 

instead of machining... 

we can get you a complete product from welding to

plating and anodizing.  

O.W. Landergren’s primary functions are metal spinning and fabricating with complete facilities for general machine work, plus the equipment for assemblies of prototype, low production and commercial jobs. Our operation enables us to carry most jobs through to completion without leaving our building.

We offer expert prototypes and production metal crafting through complete metal spinning, fabrication and welding, machining and inspection departments.


Since we specialize in metal spinning, which is a precise art form for metal spun parts, combined with the fact that the required tooling is less expensive than Hydroforming, Deep Drawing or Stamping, we are particularly favored when it comes to prototypes, short runs, and even longer runs when quality is critical. In addition, we work closely with our customers, designers, and engineers to improve cost effectiveness and product integrity.

Metal spinning is a process performed by highly skilled craftsmen using a blank which rotates between a chuck or mandrel and the clamped tail stock of a spinning lathe. The blank is formed with spinning rollers, with ample pressure applied by the spinner. The blank is formed over the chuck with the dimensions of the mandrel corresponding to the dimensions of the part being formed.

The metal spinning process actually improves the raw material metallurgical properties by re-aligning grain structures, tensile strength can be improved, allowing thinner materials to be used. Overall part integrity can actually be better than any other forming process.

Our company is not a standard within the manufacturing industry, due to short runs and quality requirements from our customers so we have developed a precise way to identify opportunities. This is done by onsite evaluation, through operator control, correlated to the manufacturing process taking place. This process enables us to put the responsibility of quality control where it belongs, in manufacturing, making it possible to concentrate on prevention, rather than running around putting out fires. 


The more of these metal crafting secondary services that your parts require...

the better we are to serve your needs.


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O.W. Landergren Metal Spinning
Pittsfield, MA

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