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Custom Springs & Stampings

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Springs, Stampings and Wireforms
Spring & Wireform Manufacturing - Stamping and In-House Tool & Die - Sheet Metal Fabrication - Fourslide & Vertislide - CNC Machining - Powder Coating & Additional Services 
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Our sweet spot is high tolerance, difficult parts...  

all the things other people don't like to do. 

The most significant benefits any supplier can offer is consistently superior

product quality, on time delivery and fair pricing.


At Southern Spring & Stamping, we implement it all with an ISO 9001 certified quality management program. As a result, we can help you improve productivity, reduce costs and

reject rates, and increase customer satisfaction with the products you create.

We are a family founded, owned, and operated company. For over six decades Southern Spring has produced springs, stampings, and sheet metal fabrications.

Our facility features over 100,000 square feet of modern workspace to give

us the capabilities to produce your custom products quickly and accurately from start to finish.

We have the in-house capability to paint, powder coat and silk screen and we also provide

a full quality inspection department to help assure a quality product.


Your parts can be run to commercial tolerances or to military specifications.

To learn more about Southern Spring & Stamping, please contact us today.


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Southern Spring & Stamping
Venice Florida

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